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PCEHR in Regional Victoria (2014)

The focus of this research is personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) implementation in a regional area of Australia. Such a study is important in order to understand perspectives of regional healthcare providers and consumers about this implementation. The research questions for this study are  How PCEHR is implemented within regional Victoria (Australia) and what is the level of its adoption by healthcare providers in this region? This research is a qualitative exploration of PCEHR in which data related to system implementation experience is collected (September 2014) from eHealth coordinator, GP, and consumers of a regional case study clinic. Face-to-face and semi-structured interviews were conducted with healthcare providers (practice manager and doctor). Observations were gathered about consumers’ experiences with PCEHR during a workshop in a semi-structured report by the participants. Findings indicates that PCEHR implementation process was initiated with great enthusiasm, however,  it was found to be very stressful, pressurized and driven by incentive payments. Healthcare providers experienced isolation, rushing and believed to be provided with limited support during the process. Since the official launch of PCEHR, adoption level by the consumers has been disappointing in the first year, contributing to lack of interest in doctors along with other factors of costing extra time, usability, privacy and legal issues. If the doctors remains not interested in the system, PCEHR health record will not gain any clinical value, hence, resulting PCEHR adoption failure in the region. Therefore, it can be concluded that PCEHR adoption in case study region is halted with no motivation by doctors and consumers. The researcher commenced this study with perspective that the PCEHR implementation has been slow and adoption was hindered with diverse range of factors during its first year of operation.

Research Results of Doctor Of IT (Yr 1)  @ Charles Sturt University.


PCEHR in Rural Victoria (2013)

Australia launched its first version of personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) on July 1, 2012. The aim of this study is to determine the implementation experience of PCEHR and identify expected adoption status in rural Victoria, Australia after one year of system launch. Such a study was important in order to understand perspectives of rural healthcare providers and consumers about this implementation to highlight areas of improvement for policy makers. The mixed methods research methodology was used in a case study settings where data was gathered during June-August 2013. Face-to-face and semi-structured interviews were performed with healthcare providers which were recorded, transcribed and verified. A survey was conducted to identify consumers awareness and focus group observations were noted to add rich picture to survey results. Data collected was then analysed thematically resulting in eight themes. The conclusion revealed that although implementation was still in progress at the time of this study, overall adoption rate was expected to be slow. Some observations are also noted at the end for better chances of PCEHR adoption.

Research Results of MSc Dissertation  @ University of Hertfordshire

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